Code of Conduct


The North Haledon Recreation Commission strives to provide positive athletic experiences for all children.  We are dedicated to providing every participant an opportunity to learn, play and have fun.  While we acknowledge the fact that athletic participation is a competitive venture, we believe that in the recreational context, participation and good sportsmanship are more important than winning.  In keeping with our philosophy, the following rules and guidelines are provided to ensure that everyone can enjoy a positive experience.

Parents’ Duties

Transportation – Parents are responsible for promptly transporting their children to and from practice and games.  Repeated lateness may result in the child being removed from the team.

Child’s Attendance – Parents shall be responsible for giving the coach reasonable notice if their child will not attend a game or practice.  Repeated failures may result in the child being removed from the team.

Child’s Behavior – Parents shall explain to their child the proper behavior to be exhibited in the program.  Parents are encouraged to take appropriate action if this standard is not met.

Uniforms and Equipment – Parents shall maintain all the commissions uniforms and equipment in proper form.  Parents will be financially responsible if the above is not complied with.  If the penalty is not paid the child can not participate in any commission sponsored activities.

Injuries – Parents must report all off-program injuries to the coach immediately.  A doctor’s note must be presented to the coach for any player to return from any injury.

Medical Conditions – Parents must report all medical conditions or drug allergies of their child during registration and to the coach before the start of the program.

Parents’ Conduct (Games, practice and off the field)

Players – Parents shall treat all players with respect.  While encouragement is recommended verbal or physical abuse is prohibited.  No comments may be directed at any player or players.

Parents – Parents shall treat each other with respect.  Arguments or taunting between parents are prohibited at commission sponsored programs.

Coaches – Parents shall treat coaches with respect.  Unless the safety of the child is clearly at issue parents are prohibited from interfering with the coach during games or practice.  Disputes should immediately be brought to the attention of the program director.  If a parent needs to engage a coach, it should be done by phone (not email or in person).  No coaching or instruction is permitted from parents or spectators observing a game or practice.

Spectators – Parents shall treat spectators with respect.  Parents shall not enter into adversarial dialogue or taunting with spectators at any game or practice.

Officials – Parents shall treat officials with respect.  No criticism of any officials call is permitted.  Games can be forfeited for parent abuse of an official.

Parents’ Additional Information

Awards – Parents may reward players on a team basis only.  Such rewards are limited to food or team parties.  No trophies or plaques.  Prior to providing food, coaches should inquire with team parents as to whether any players have dangerous food allergies.  If parents breach this policy, the coach and parent will be held responsible.  Parents are encouraged to send a note of thanks to their child’s coach at the end of the season.

Social Media – While we cannot limit your online activities, please understand you can be held accountable for inappropriate posts you make.  Our view is nothing should ever be posted regarding our programs or the children or coaches in them other than strictly informational posts.

Penalties – In addition to the penalties described in the specific paragraphs above if the standards set forth above are not met parents  or their child may be subject to removal from the team or the spectator areas for the game, the season or any part there of.  Removal will be determined by the coach and or the program director.  A parent may appeal to the commission.  Parents are responsible for any fines assessed because of their behavior or their child’s behavior.  If the fines are not paid their child will not be permitted to participate in any commission sponsored programs.  A parent may appeal this decision to the commission.