Q: Can I register online and pay with a check?
A: No, at this time we are only accepting credit cards for online registration.


Q: What credits cards will the online registration system accept?
A: The Online registration system currently accepts: Vista, Master Card and Discover.


Q: Do I have to enter my information every time I register?
A: No, after your have registered your children for a program, you will only be required to answer a few questions and confirm the information presented.  At checkout however, you will have to re-enter you credit card information as this is not stored/saved on our system for your own protection.


Q: Will I be charged if placed on a waitlist?
A: No, you are only required to pay for a program when you receive and email that you have been released from the waitlist.  Once released you are given the opportunity to pay for that program, this completing your registration.