North Haledon Recreation Commission Programs

Wednesday May 13, 2020

Re: North Haledon Recreation Commission Programs

Dear Parents,

As you may know, the Recreation Commission has been meeting remotely monthly. We met again last night and fully discussed all our options. As a result, I would like to give you an update on the status of our relevant recreation programs. As the situation further evolves, I will give you updates.

Boys’ travel basketball – There are two teams left (6th and 8th) that are in the league finals. The league still intends to play these games conditions permitting. No firm date has been set.

Girls’ travel basketball – There is one team (7/8th) left playing in the tournament and those games will hopefully be rescheduled but there is no firm date.

In-town boys’ and girls’ basketball – There were various teams left in the post season tournament. Considering the circumstance, no further games will be played, and the season is concluded.

Volleyball – We are still planning on a fall or winter season. We will discuss the logistics of that in the future.

Bowling – There is one remaining session, the bowling party. It is our intent to reschedule it when conditions permit.

Archery – There were two active shooting sessions left followed by the end of season party. The program has been concluded. A $10 discount will be applied to all 2020 participants who register for the 2021 archery season.

Baseball and softball travel and in-town – The programs are still suspended but not cancelled. Our directors have been in contact with the towns in our leagues and everyone is hopeful we can have some abbreviated season. If conditions permit, we will be able to get it going quickly. If they do not, we will give everyone a credit for their registration fee. We will discuss the logistics of that in the future.

Tennis – As of this time we are hopeful that we can get one of the two sessions in. Registration is on hold. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Soccer – As of this time we are optimistic that the season will not be affected. Registration though is on hold. Our league reps have been attending the league on-line meetings and the league has considered various contingency plans. We will update you as more information becomes available.

Pickleball – As of this time we are optimistic the fall season will not be affected. Registration is on hold. As more information becomes available, we will advise you.

In the future any updates will be distributed through Community Pass to all our registrants. To prevent confusion, information will only come directly from me so there are never any mixed messages. Before reaching any final decisions, I will consult with the program directors, the local and county Boards of Health, and the Mayor. Please understand our number one concern is the safety of your children, and any program decisions we make will be guided by that priority. Also, please be assured, that once we feel we can safely proceed we will be able to get the programs up and running quickly.

I know this has not been easy, but things are improving, and we will all get through this and get back to normal.

Angelo Cifaldi

Chairman NH Recreation Commission

Lightning Detection System Now Operational

The Lightning Detection System is now operational on Fields 1-5 and Willow Field. There are signs posted that explain exactly how it works. Please read them. 

As a summary the siren and strobe light is on the light pole on Field 1 and can be heard and seen from all the Rec Fields (#1-5). The siren and strobe light on Willow field is on a light pole there. As the signs indicate when the siren sounds you must immediately leave the field and take shelter in a protected area which in most instances will be a car.  Under no circumstances should you stand under a tree, near a fence or near a pole. When the siren sounds the strobe light will flash indicating there is lighting in in the area. When the siren sounds again, after 30 minutes at least, and the strobe light goes off you can go back to the field.   

While this system is a helpful aid it should not replace your judgment with regard to being more cautious. When in doubt cancel the game or practice and send everyone home.