Lightning Detection System Operational

The Lightning Detection System is operational on Fields 1 – 5 and Willow Field. There are signs posted that explain exactly how it works. Please familiarize yourself with this system. 

The siren and strobe light are on the light pole on Field 1, and can be heard and seen from all the Rec Fields (#1-5). The siren and strobe light on Willow field are on a light pole there. As the signs indicate, when the siren sounds you must immediately leave the field and take shelter in a protected area, which in most instances will be a car.  Under no circumstances should you stand under a tree, near a fence or near a pole. When the siren sounds the strobe light will flash indicating there is lightning in in the area. When the strobe light stops and the siren sounds again (after at least 30 minutes), you can go back to the field.   

While this system is a helpful aid, it should not replace your judgment with regard to being more cautious. When in doubt, cancel the game or practice and send everyone home to safety.